The holiday season wouldn’t feel like holiday season without all the good trimmings, stuffing, cornbread dressings, and desserts.If you already have healthy eating habits then you may be able to control the urge to pig out. If you’re not a healthy eater, it may be hard to discipline yourself during the holiday season but you can do it!

We all love the food but the thought of gaining any weight doesn’t seem worth it.

Eat the foods that are high in protein and stay away from the carbs. Even while snacking, try to stick with nuts and low servings of fruit. Snacks or desserts are usually up for grabs and easily accessible. Try to stay away from the red-velvet cake, chocolate covered candies and sweet potato pies.  There’s usually plenty of ham and turkey to go around. If possible, start there first and drink some water to wash it down!

Choose the right sides. Shoot for the green vegetables or salad. Chicken salad isn’t too bad unless you eat too much. Stay away from the mac & cheese , mashed potatoes, candied yams, and high carb fixings. You’ll feel better later and it should help you keep a balanced stomach.

Focus on your plate. After you’ve finally fixed your healthy plate and grabbed a cold bottle of water, focus on eating what’s on your plate. We tend to weigh in on what others are eating or what new dish has made it to the table. Don’t even think about. The objective is to satisfy your hunger. You don’t want to overdue it just because you’ve got options. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to engage in conversation while eating but leave out the “may I taste yours,” part!

Healthy eating isn’t as hard as it seems. It just takes a little discipline. Eat up!


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