G.O.L.D Clothing Co. made their debut last year with their S/S 2015 collection that consisted of a few t-shirts, which gave a glimpse into their style that displayed strong symbols and made bold statements about the brand. They have created dope essentials ranging from hats, t-shirts, and windbreakers, along with their “Full Metal Jacket”,which combines vintage denim and a war bunny embroidered design, perfect for any season. Now, almost a year and a half later, they’ve dropped the first wave of their F/W’ 16 collection.

So far, the collection includes 3 pieces; a long sleeve tee, a polo, and a hoodie. We spoke to the brand to find out a little bit about where the inspiration for this collection came from.

“Each piece dropped so far expresses who we are as people and a brand, we’re really telling our story through these pieces”- G.O.L.D

ps12-1“We see our own greatness, gold literally represents first place in any form of competition. There’s also a double meaning; black people have to go through so much controversy and down talk, it’s important our people know first place always represents us. Through all the trials and tribulations, if you don’t see yourself as great you never will be”- G.O.L.D

Their ‘Michael Phelps’ hoodie comes in two colors, Red/Gold or Blue/Pink, keeping it simple in front with their GOLD box logo, while switching it up in back to make you feel like an all star(no pun intended).


We’ve hustled and made everything happen to get to the point we’re at,it’s in our blood bro. If we don’t got it in any aspect of our life, best believe we figuring out how to go get it.”-G.O.L.D

‘The Hustler Polo’, made By Hustlers, For Hustlers, offers a unique take on the original polo tee with their own logo. Whether you’re feeling Kanye circa 2004 or just want to dress up a casual fit, G.O.L.D’s got you covered; giving buyers the option of choosing between green and black, and a small or large logo.


The ‘No Boundaries’ long sleeve tee comes from their RoseGOLD collection for women and is perfect for ladies looking to add a gem to their layers this fall/winter. It reads “You Can Only Be Free When Your Mind No Longer Realizes Boundaries”.

As far as the brands future goes, G.O.L.D Clothing Co had this to say:

“Our slogan “What’s destined can’t be defeated” speaks for itself. If people aren’t supporting us and willing to help, none of that shit even matters because we’re supposed to be great we’re destined to be so it will be. You can’t defeat us. No matter what obstacles you throw at us we’ll get past em cause that’s how we operate. Period!”.

G.O.L.D is set to release another piece from the F/W collection within the next few weeks, we’re very excited to see where they go with the rest of the collection; but I can say with certainty, this is definitely a brand you want to keep your eyes on!


Be sure to head over to http://goldlifestyle.bigcartel.com/ to get to know the brand better and purchase pieces from the collection.


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