img_0586Troy Gaskins, an entrepreneur and student in Tallahassee, FL, claims to be personable and inviting, using styling as an outlet.

Gaskins is a 22-year-old from Lake City, and has created his own business at such an early age. Fashion and style are his main passions and he has found a way to make a living from doing what he truly loves.

“I was always into fashion, but I didn’t know what to do with it,” said the young business owner. “So I researched a few jobs and chose styling.”

After graduation, Gaskins plans to move to either Atlanta or Houston to further develop his styling career. He also plans to take the “School of Style” class in order to enhance his styling skills.

TouchedByTAG is the name of Gaskins’ styling company. TAG is comprised of a team of makeup artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe stylists, with Gaskins serving as the main stylist. All members of the TAG team are determined to cater to the fashion and style needs of their clients.

“Troy is such an admirable person, he’s doing what he loves while,” said customer Alexias Brasfield. “He’s knowledgeable and fashionable. I just love that!”

Gaskins is focused on his career and does everything with determination and passion. He knows what his goals are, and how he can accomplish them.

“My main goal is to become a celebrity fashion stylist, pageant stylist, and designer. I want to accomplish having my own fashion show under my name during fashion week, in or outside of the United States,” said Gaskins.  “I want people to know that being TouchedByTAG isn’t just styling, but can help motivate you into branding yourself.”

Atlanta stylist Shun Melson serves as Gaskins’ main source of inspiration. While enrolled in her class April of this year, Gaskins quickly realized that he wanted to be like Melson, if not better.

Even though he has experienced many successes, Gaskins has faced hardships and obstacles as well.

“My biggest hardship would be managing school and my business. School is already difficult and then having the demand of clients for different events,” said Gaskins. “I had to learn how to balance my time which showed me [the importance of] time management.”

Gaskins has already achieved numerous accomplishments and reached several goals. However, he already has his plans set for the near future.

“In the next 5 years, I see myself living in my designated area, but traveling the world with different clients and keeping up with the latest trends,” said the fashion fanatic. “I also see myself being a motivational speaker, not to just adults but the youth as well. That will be their way of being ‘touched.'”

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