Off the shoulder top

The off the shoulder style is still trending for dresses, rompers and shirts. This style is is a must have for summer. A plain off the shoulder top can be paired with a skirt, jeans, pants, or shorts to create several looks. The off the shoulder sleeves will even help to keep you from overheating in the summer months.


Slides are great for when you’re just running out the house as you can just slide them on your feet. They are laid back but also the cool appearance of popular styles of slides can make whatever outfit you’re wearing look effortless and casual but still stylish.

Tote Purse

During the summer, you’re always on the go between your summer classes, your summer job, your summer internship, community service, extra curriculars, and even just hanging out with friends. When you’re so busy you’re always gonna  need a lot and a giant purse is perfect for storing everything you would need for the different things you have planned for a busy day.


A romper is the perfect cute but lazy summer outfit. It doesn’t take much effort to turn it into a cute look, all you have to do is thrown it on and add a few basic accessories like shoes and earrings. A more loose fitting romper is the best option for the summer as it will keep you cool in the heat.

Dad Hat

A “Dad Hat” formerly known as a baseball cap is a summer essential. Not only are they really cute, but they can keep the sun out of your eyes and they can also hide a lazy hair day. Dad Hats come in various colors with various designs and can be paired with almost any outfit.

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