As it gets hotter, the desire for lighter snacks and smaller portions increases. Always wanting to be on go doesn’t give me the time to want to sit down and eat 24/7. These 3 cute little creative snacks are so simply delicious that you HAVE to try it this summer

#1: Juice ice cubes!

no, not pouring juice into cups and making it into popsicles; people have been doing that for years. Usually it’s complicated to get out and it just makes a big sticky mess. But what about juice ice cubes? I mean pouring juice into an ice tray and putting it in the freezer for a day or over night. Then pop em out the same way you’d do ice and enjoy it by itself or put it in a different flavor juice. Be creative, mix flavors do anything. But if you’re like me and the rest of my friends, and you love ice, you should try this.

#2: Frozen grapes!

A lot of people know about this, and a lot of people don’t. Frozen grapes have been my favorite summer snack for years. The same way you’d feeeze the juice ice cubes, freeze the grapes. I usually just put some in a cup and put it in the freezer over night. They’re good completely frozen or when they’re a little mushy because it’s like a slushee on the inside of the grape. Try the purple and een ones, they’re so handy you can take them on the way out the house, to the pool, anywhere.

#3: Rotel dip!

Yeah i’m getting fancy now, huh? Personally, i don’t eat beef but some people put beef in their dip. I use ground turkey! I also get rotel dip and velveeta queso sauce.

Once I get all of those ingredients I cook the turkey with some seasoning, of course. (Don’t be dry.) And then I get a big bowl and chop off a big chunk of the cheese and pour the rotel dip in it. I then mix it and put it in the microwave. After that, pour the meat of your choice into the dip and keep mixing and warming it up until it’s hot. Get your favorite chips: doritos, tostitos and eat! It only takes like 30 minutes to make and it tastes great


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