It is the middle of the spring break season, which means that we are well into swimsuit season. After a couple weeks of spring break, new swimsuit styles are being seen on beaches all over. If you want to stand out on the beach for your spring break or summer vacation try out a few of these trending styles.


One way that this trend from the fall and winter is transitioning its way into the summer by being incorporated into swimsuits. Velvet is an easy way to make anything look luxurious. This trend is a subtle way to make you stand out on any beach they you’re on.

Mock neck

Mock neck has been seen in various styles of clothing such as tops and dresses. This trend is now being incorporated into swimsuits. Mock necks are very fashionable and will make your beach day look chic.


Creating swimsuits out of nontraditional material is clearly trending. On top of the velvet, crotchet swimsuits are becoming popular as well. Crotchet swimsuits are the perfect way to achieve a bohemian look while catching some rays, especially when paired with the right beach accessories.

Lace up

The lace up trend is also one that is transitioning from the fall and winter season into the spring and summer. In past seasons we see the lace up trend being used in tops and dresses. Lace up swimsuits are definitely a way to be more fashionable on the beach. This style is seen in two pieces as well as monokinis



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