Houston native Nicotine, 19, is a soulful vocalist with a vision to impact the world with her poetic chords. She took a moment out of her schedule to discuss with us her music career, plans for the future, and a hint of exclusive information. 


Q: How long have you been in the music industry?

A: I’ve been sharing my music with the world for two years now.


Q: Do you have any musical influences?

A: I’m influenced by many. The list could go on forever. As a musician, I feel it is my job to not only create music, but to study it. I break down every artist, song, visual, and performance and I learn from them. It doesn’t matter the genre, i’ll listen to anything and take notes.


Q: As you study these different artists, do you find that it helps you gain a better understanding of music and find that it benefits your sound?

A: Yes, most definitely. Studying them gives me the upper hand in creativity. There’s so much artists could learn from other artists. A world full of inspiration. 


Q: Is there a creative process that you have for writing new music?

A: I have two different creative process: The first, is when I write to no beat at all. I usually start off writing is as a poem, or maybe even start off by humming melodies. Then, whenever one of my producers sends me beats, i’ll try and match it. If that doesn’t work, then I start by listening to just the beat repetitively. I try and visualize a story line to match the mood to the track. Then, I freestyle over the track repeatedly until I find something that sticks. The music just flowers after that.


Q: I see there is a “Nicotine & Siah” Twitter page created. Is that someone you are in a mutual partnership with or romantically involved with?

A: I met Siah about a year ago, on Twitter, through a group of mutual friends. One of the friends who introduced us told Siah about my music and how much he liked it. Siah decided to send me his music, as well, and I instantly died. His voice was so smooth and his words were impeccably laced together. A mutual friend of ours decided to create the “Nicotine & Siah” Twitter page last summer, people began to tell us that we would make a cute couple, and fate took care of the rest. After the two weeks I spent in New York, I can say that I am beyond happily taken and you’re the first magazine to get the tea.


Q: Do you guys have any plans of doing music together or touring together?

A: I would love to, and I know he would as well. We’ve talked about making music together numerous times. So, i’m are we will eventually. I’m actually planning to move to New York in the beginning of next year, so I believe that we’ll end up creating some amazing things for you guys.


Q: What are your plans for New York once you move there?

A: When I get to New York, I plan on expanding my name, my brand, and my craft. I’ll be working with many artists to create nothing but magic. I have a lot of ideas that I plan on bringing to life. I can’t wait.


Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

A: I don’t have any projects in the works at the moment, but I will be releasing some new tunes this year. I can’t put any dates out there, but I can promise new tunes, new sounds, and new vibes. 


Q:  What about making music, or music in general, makes you happy?

A: Music has always been my escape. People connect through music, look at fan bases – hundreds and thousands of people in one place, for the music. The unity that music creates is beyond beautiful. Being able to create these sounds, and have people tell me how much they love it or how they relate to my words, it makes me emotional. I was always so terrified of showing people who I truly am, but now that I have opened up, there people prove to me that it’s all worth it. That my work means something to them and not just me.


Q: What is your ultimate goal for yourself, your music, and your career?

A: I really just want to share my music with the world and connect with those who share the same love for music as I do. Everything I do, is out of my genuine love for music and people. I don’t want to be a huge artist like Beyonce or Drake. I want to have a huge platform and a huge fan base, of course, but I still want people to see me as the same person I am today. I don’t want people to spaz to when they see me, or psych themselves out to the point where they can’t speak to me. I love everyone who supports me. Every single one of them has a place in my heart, and they will forever, no matter if my dreams come true or not. I am forever grateful.  

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