Ambition. Determination. Creativity. Three words that may seem mere to others, they describe the extraordinary individual that is Precious Lord, well. When the 19-year-old triple threat isn’t excelling at Sam Houston State University, you can find her engulfed in her passion of photography, illustration, and design. Born in Tuscon, Arizona, Lord has always had an eternal love for art, but it wasn’t until high school, where she started to take her craft seriously. After ditching traditional art classes for digital and interactive media, Miss Lord fell in love with graphic design and illustration. Through her online shop, Precious Lord reminds her supporters of the importance of self-love, with her Flexin’ My Complexion t-shirts and taking advantage of each moment with customized #SmellTheRoses pins. Continuing to rise among her peers, Precious Lord will stop at nothing to exceed her expectations.


Q: Where are you from/Where do you currently reside? 

A: I was born in Tucson, Arizona, but was mainly eased in Texas. I moved from San Antonio to Houston, Texas a few years ago for college.



 Q: What is your current occupation? 

A: I am currently a full time student, visual artist, freelancer graphic designer, and I have a small online store.



 Q: How long has art been a part of your life? 

A: Art has always been a love of mine for as long as I could remember. I didn’t start taking it seriously and focusing on my craft until high school.



 Q: Why style of art do you typically handle? 

A: I love conceptual art. When I create, I always want me work to have some substance. I like to feel like I’m putting out something useful into the world. 



 Q: Who are some of your art inspirations? 

A: I look up to artist such as Carrie Mae Weems, Kara Walker, Lorna Simpson, Kehinde Wiley, and but I’m also inspired by my peers and people I come across on social media.



Q: When did you decide to infuse your art skills into graphic designing?

A: I started to venture off into graphic design my sophomore year of high school. I went into art wanting to create portraits, but I struggled. So, I thought that digital art might be easier for me. I transitioned more of my efforts into that and just ended up being good at it. From there, I just fell in love with graphic design and illustration.



Q: What was the most challenging part about learning graphic design? 

A: I am primarily self taught, and I struggled in the beginning with trying to understand the programs and trying to figure out how to bring my vision to life. After I began to do some research and play around with the programs, I felt comfortable enough to confidently create.



 Q: Tell us a little bit about #SmellTheRoses?

A: #SmellTheRoses are pins of a rose illustration I created. It’s meant to be a reminder to live in the moment. Life can be very hepatic and stressful, but sometimes we all just need to slow down, stop, and smell the roses. It’s something that is very near and dear to my heart. 


 Q: How do you balance/remain focused with school, along with your brand?

A: It’s hard trying to find a balance with school, personal projects, and client work. That’s something I still struggle with a bit right now, but I have to always prioritize. I also have to remember that my personal work is just as important as my academic work, I must make time for it. 



 Q: If you could describe your personality in three words, what would they be?  

A: Passionate, Sassy, Goofy 



Q: When did your clothing line begin?

A: I’ve always wanted my own online store. I have a lot of ideas for designs, but I never had the courage to actually make it happen. Last year, I decided that I will just go for it.



 Q: What products does your shop offer? 

A: Right now, I sell #FlexinMyComplexion T-shirts and my #SmellTheRoses pins.



 Q: Do you plan to add any additional apparel/accessories? 

A: I have so many ideas I want to bring to life, when the time is right I’ll definitely expand.



 Q: Are you the sole person behind this brand? 

A: I am the sole person behind my brand. I design the products, design the website, ship packages, etc. It’s 100% my vision, all me.



 Q: How long have you been doing photography? 

A: I was in yearbook in high school, along with photojournalism, but I didn’t start really investing in photography until last year.



 Q: What inspired you to want to do photography?

A: Curiosity inspired me to play with photography. I love experimenting with mediums to help elevate myself as an artist. 



 Q: What is one of the best shoots you have ever done? 

A: The best shoot that I’ve done so far might have to be my “Protect You Magic” shoot. 



 Q: Who do you hope to shoot one day? 

A: I’d love to shoot Frank Ocean or Solange one day.



Q: What event do you plan to shoot one day? 

A: I think shooting a concert would be a fun challenge.



 Q: Who are your inspirations? 

A: My friends, Dominic Scott, Akilah Smith, and may others, inspire me the most in terms of photography.



 Q: Do you have a specific lens you use for your shoots? 

A: No, I’m still a beginner, so right now I’m just trying to get comfortable shooting before I start investing on lens.



 Q: How would you define the style of your shoots? 

A: My style of my shoots are very minimal and simple.



 Q: Are you currently working on any projects?

A: Yes, I’m working on some new pieces, and have some great ideas for some art shows that I can’t wait to share.



 Q: When you edit your photos, what style do you go for? 

A: The style of editing I go for varies based off the vibes I want to create for the shoot. 

However, I do love when my images have warmth to them, so I tent to go towards that direction.



 Q: When it comes to the confidence of the models, or the people you shoot for, how do you get them to do exactly what you want?

A: I tend to be the muse when I’m shooting, so it’s easily for me to get what I want. But, in cases where I’m shooting a friend, I main goal is to try to capture their personality. I try to make them feel comfortable throughout the shoot, along with give them compliments.



 Q: What steps do you take to ensure the photo shoot turns out how you envisioned it?

A: I do a lot of planning, with all my work. I try to think of everything that could go wrong and gave a backup plan ready. 



 Q: What is some ultimate goals for yourself and your career? 

A: My ultimate goal is to be the best me I could possibly be. I want to succeed in anything and everything I put my heart into. I hope to be able to travel and see the world and inspire those around me. I want to be a Girl Boss. 


Star Sign: 



 What’s important to you? 

Art, music, self love, and self acceptance.


 Favorite Song? 

Anything and everything frank ocean


 What scares you most? 

Not being about to reach my full potential before it’s my time to go.


 What’s a skill you wish you possessed? 

I wish I had some musical talent


 What’s your secret obsession? 

The sky, sunsets to be specific. They’re so beautiful

Favorite books?  

#GirlBoss & Milk and Honey


 Favorite Word? 



 What pisses you off? 

Unambition and pure ignorance


 Favorite Brand? 

Adidas and Nike


 What fictional character do you relate to the most? 

Denise Huxtable


 What celebrity do you have a crush on? 

Frank Ocean and Drake


 What inspires you most? 

The world around me


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