Everything’s for show, every day she’s got to have it, every minute on go, every hour- she blast past it, no attention up for grabs, because she’s gone bag it. Her lifeline is her discussion, not much to thrive after, she wears her dreams on her sleeves and every social handle.

She’s scared but not afraid to tell everybody her struggle, she says it’s her testimony so that everybody will love her, her troubles are your troubles, ’cause her business is unrestricted, every move made public, her images unlimited.

Serving her privacy like candy on a platter, exposing her integrity like nothing in life matters, she’s badder than badder and shared like old fashion, sits on old grudges and hates with a passion. But she disclaims that, ’cause she plays the victim, she hides her hand as she fires the missile.

Why she does what she does, only she understands, only she comprehends, when she thinks, she thinks selfishly, she thinks obsessively, she’s self-absorbed but she follows the trending, she knows everybody’s business and what everybody’ s spending.

She is no Mrs, ’cause no one will marry her, she wants a wedding but no one can fathom her, her eyes on the prize to somewhere misleading, her mind in decline because she has no meaning. She longs for attention ’cause attention feeds her ego, pictures make her happy, competition makes her face glow.

She’s just that GIRL

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