The 1975 is just one of those bands that a lot of people don’t get. That, in and of itself, is one of the things that makes this band so intriguing – they just simply don’t care whether any one gets it. They are simply doing what they find creatively stimulating, and through not trying to please people, they have pleased many.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This group, fronted by lead singer Matt Healy, is a very art and expression centric band. Their latest music video for their song “Somebody Else” off of their recent album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It”, can attest to that on many levels. This music video, released on Thursday, July 7th, is a little different from their previous music videos. Though many of their music videos are what some may call eccentric and are very detailed, this video, more so than the rest, has a lot of different moving parts. For one thing it is a longer video, amounting to a little over 8 minutes long, which for any video is on the longer side. That is due to the opening sequence of the music video that is actually not part of the actual music section of the video. Instead the video starts with a 2 minute or so black and white sequence in which there is a woman drooped motionless on a couch in an apartment in which the main person enters. As the main person, Healy’s character, moves around the space, he is getting ready for his night. During this whole sequence there are strange cut ins of audio as if this were a TV show and there was an audience; including noises like a laugh track and other studio audience noises. They are cut in at weird times to give it a more eerie effect; something about this all is off. A feeling which is essential to the rest of the video. Once the character leaves the black and white space that is when the video truly begins. Color is restored and the audience then zeroes in on Healy. He is going out, getting drunk, getting in a fight, and picking up girls – normal things that might happen in a music video. But then as the video continues one realizes that the off feeling from the begging of the video is still present, and that Healy’s character is truly off. Replaying many things that happen that night, all of the girls that Healy has seen throughout the night evolve into versions of him, including one very interesting moment that I won’t spoil – it’s something that you have to see to believe. Then again looking at these moments again the people disappear and the audience realizes that much of what has occurred is a fabrication in the characters mind. It is the kind of video that’s like a Jenga tower; they set up a lot of ideas, only to knock them down. The 1975 want you to think, but never really know.

Now in comparison to many of their other videos this does have many of the classic 1975 attributes to it. Full of color and life, their videos always try to tell a story. Delving into characters that they create, their stories often times try to look at a greater theme about life, with this video in particular being about how one see’s themselves versus how they believe the world perceives them. In the end, it wasn’t about a love interest being with someone else, but rather it was about the main character watching himself turn into someone else. Their videos attempt to be both out there and thematic to the point where audiences are very invested in the tiny world that they create. Overall it’s a visually and mentally stunning video, as it really takes risks as to whether or not people will enjoy it. A video that is meant to be decisive, this is a great piece by The 1975 and with the way this group is going there is only more exciting pieces to come.

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