There’s always a cost for anything worthy of your keeping,

The price sometimes overwhelms us seemingly,

For a period of time, there’s a stench of failure that straddles your pride,

It settles into your mind, it lavishes your soul as the lecture unwinds,

Your lost was to teach you, far off but who can reach you,

Your significance is obvious and everyone knows it,

But you sometimes, but soon you’ll outgrow that.


Losing doesn’t mean you’re a failure, winning doesn’t guarantee you success,

It is your testimony that defines you, it is your reaction to the test,

Your response determines your strength, your comeback dictates your future,

Your return demonstrates your courage, your recovery reveals a solution,

Knocked down to get back up again, brought down to get back up and bring others with you,

Nevermind the limitations, that’s irrelevant when there’s a higher power with you,

No surrender and please pardon the gesture of your chin upon your chest,

Allow the strength that abides in you to straighten your posture and lift your head.


Without a doubt, you rise to the occasion, as expected when time approaches, You’re ready,

Wisdom has be-whelmed you, failure has educated you, faith has made you steady,

Your time finds you in a better place, a place where triumph is ongoing for your sort,

Type A, go-getters, high-achievers, no quitters, of any choice,


The getting will get tough, all ends aren’t fairy tale conclusions,

Strap up to move forward, right! Fight harder when you’re losing,

Make right of what’s left and keep pushing, your time will come.


-Plychette Montgomery


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