It’s always something, it’s gotta be something, except you didn’t get the memo,

Your day in shambles, you look up for answers, yet your life is still in limbo,

Funny how it happens, but it always happens, to you, who else could it be?

Overlooking the others and forsaking too many but you, to you, it surely brings,

Surely it knows another, truly it goes no further, then today, tomorrow it stops,

Then the sun comes up, tomorrow’s no luck, it simply straddles the clock.


What should you do, what could you do, come on, really, you’ve definitely tried,

Attempting your best, left zero to rest, looking forward to what’s left behind,

Deal with it, you’re gifted, you’ve given, you’ve lifted, so much for pity, if you get it,

Why bother for sympathy, why call on your family, it would seem to be, stress increases,

It out, you’ll figure, miss it, the mind triggers, boggled in the addressing of the troubles,

You’re losing seemingly, life just has no decency, to alarm you, to warn you, but harm you conceitedly.


What now, so what now, could you imagine, the fuss now, to curse now,

Would be sufficient, to hush now would leave you drifted,

But you stand it, but you hand it, kept it going while left stranded,

Did you plan it, not at all, rolling on, you kept the ball!

It makes much sense when it’s past tense, at your expense you’ve known the struggle,

Most times intense, but to your defense, know the wisdom is worth the trouble!


-Plychette Montgomery


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