Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival returned this weekend and did not disappoint both newcomers and returning fans. Artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Erykah Badu and Chance the Rapper came out to perform. Vogue went backstage and interviewed a few familiar faces such as SZA, Domo Genesis, Tokimonsta, The Internet’s Matt Martians, Syd tha Kyd, and Steve Lacy asking just three simple questions: what color represents your mood, what color represents your music and how long did it take you to get dressed today? There were many notable answers. Wyatt Shears from The Garden answered, “Green. Because of the suit I’m wearing and I looked at a tree, which is green”. Domo Genesis replied, “If my music had a color we would probably have to go with red because it’s code for an alarm. You see red flashing and you know shit is about to happen.” When asked how long it takes for him to get dressed, Impaxt of Sremmlife Crew answered, “I really don’t know; I’ve got to call my mom.”

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The fashion scene at Camp Flog Gnaw is truly nothing short of innovative and a breath of fresh air for those apart from the normal fashion scene. This festival has in a way become the new Coachella, offering eclectic graphic T-shirts, OFWGKTA brand merchandise, and quirky, vintage thrift store vibes in place of festive Native American bonnets and fringe boots. And who could ignore the carnival running in the background? An estimated 30,000 people attended the carnival events. Camp Flog Gnaw had something that could appeal to all age ranges, and unlike the usual festivals, offered games and carnival rides along with a concert-line up making it the most anticipated event of the year.

Here’s some carnival #StreetStyle photos captured by

camp-flog-gnaw-street-style-2-1 camp-flog-gnaw-street-style-4 camp-flog-gnaw-street-style-5 camp-flog-gnaw-street-style-6


Video taken from OFWGKTA’s Youtube channel

Speaking of eclectic, let us not forget that Tyler, the Creator recently released his new Golf Wang collection through his first-ever fashion show back this past June. What lies ahead for Odd Future is looking very rose-colored.