If you don’t already know who the GlamTwinz are, allow me to introduce you. Kelsey and Kendra Murrell are dominating the YouTube beauty vlogging scene. With over 560,000 subscribers, their videos provide tips on hair growth, makeup tutorials and detail their personal natural hair journeys. They are also brand ambassadors for multiple companies–such as Hairfinity, Curls, and etc.


The twins encourage women to take an alternative route to chemically relaxed hair. Their detailed and informative YouTube tutorials show women that you do not have to have a relaxer and that natural hair is indeed the healthiest route to take for your hair. The reason the twins have reached their level of success is because of their relatability. Viewers watch their videos and feel that the will be able to achieve their desired hair length or makeup goals.

The twins’ down to earth personalities and raw honesty about their journeys and how they were able to gain success is a vital component to their popularity. They let it be known that they did not always have long, healthy hair; and allow viewers to know that if they could do it, anyone can.

The GlamTwinz have now ventured into the book industry with the release of their debut book, The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair. The twins reveal their hair growth tips, detail their personal hair struggles and go into depth about the management and up-keep of healthy hair. The overall message the twins convey is that long, healthy hair is obtainable. They make it clear that the process is not easy, to say the least, but it is a struggle with a successful and worthwhile outcome.

Kelsey and Kendra are goals, to say the least.



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