Netflix has rapidly become one of our first sources of entertainment. As this progression has happened, we have lessened our activity with television. Netflix has a range of movies and TV shows to watch. One thing that makes Netflix different than other sources are their Netflix originals. One original that has caught my eye more recently is The Get Down. The Get Down is a show that documents the journey of five young boys as they transition from the disco era into hip hop. The director, Baz Luhrmann discusses with Rolling Stone that he partnered with many seasoned rappers for the show, such as Nas and Daveed Diggs. He also states that it more so about the transition of the music sound than the birth of hip hop itself. This concept is beautifully developed in the show as disco is represented just as much as hip hop. It also discusses New York’s improvised state during the time and the art of graffiti. Also, Luhrmann does a great job with depicting real breaking news that occurred in New York during the time, such as the black out, the riots, and the environment of the party scene during the disco era. Live shots are displayed from New York on the day of these tragedies. I personally love when anything is shot in New York, because of its saturation. New York is so full of life and varieties of scenery to develop a story. Being from New York, I love to see it depicted in a different time period.  As a young adult, we have a lot at our finger tips and rarely question or discover how things evolved musically. We have so many ranges and styles currently that we never have to but, seeing something like “The Get Down” is so authentic for us to watch. It’s a definite must see, and a story worth telling. The trailer for the next original is below:

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