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I love my mainstream rappers but I’m one of those people that’s constantly searching sound cloud, twitter, and various other apps for new musicians. I love music and I write music myself so to find new artists..good artists, is so refreshing. I received an email to review an EP by Houston based musician Jon S. I was a little hesitant at first because I always give my honest opinion and I wouldn’t know how to tell him “sorry but your music is trash”. Thankfully, I was wrong but WAIT .. first can we talk about how fucking cute the cover of this EP is? Jon is pictured above with his son eating brunch at Barnabys. Everything about this EP cover screams love, heartache, pain, and grind. Weird choice of words I know but that’s what I got from it. Okay EP cover aside, the music blew my mind.  The Green EP features six songs from the artist; Alright, Tell Dat!, Sometimes, How Long, What’s Up, and Take the game. Below is what Jon wrote about each song and how i personally felt about them. Vibes don’t lie.

1. Aight: This song was just a message to myself and everyone that no matter how challenging some obstacles may be, everything will be alright. Just keep praying and keep the faith.

In Aight Jon raps about the goals and what he wants out of life. “If a nigga say that I cant do it I’m the type of nigga run back go do it twice.” Same Jon same. This song pushes you to follow your dreams and not in a subtle way. Jon encourages his listeners to fully dedicate themselves to their dreams and to follow them at a steady pace.

2. Tell Dat: This song was just a message to the rappers and doubters that THE BARS ARE BACK! Time to end BS rap and BS in general…hence the hook about the Ex Girl calling.

This song is one of the more gritty songs on the EP. “She calling my phone she texting my phone she want me to come back, but we aint together I’m done with yo ass so you run and tell that.”  I mean we can all use this quote right? We all have that one ex (or multiple) that sees you doing well and tries to slither their way back into your life like the snakes they are lol. But aside from the ex factor Jon raps, “I brought bag full of gas you might cough too.” Love this line because who doesnt appreciate some good tree?

3. Sometimes: When I wrote this song I felt exactly how he song sounds. I’m just a real versatile person…I always have been…sometimes I wanna chill and relax, sometimes I wanna flew and show out.
“Sometimes I wanna chill, sometimes I wanna flex, sometimes I get it cash sometimes I get a check.” Jon lets us know that there are many different sides to him. Sometimes he wants to light a blunt and get into the studio and another nights he wants to flex at the club with his crew. We’ve all been there.. well maybe not the studio part but you get the point.
 The intro of this song features a phone call between Jon and a girl as she pleads for him to come home. You know a song is going to be good when the intro is a phone call! “How long am I gonna have to wait for ya, every single night I’m on my knees I pray for ya even though I know I wanna leave I stay for ya.” The hook of this song is written from the girls perspective which makes it even more appealing to me. And hello? A woman who prays for you? A keeper most definitely .. Its beautiful for a rapper to acknowledge how hard it is to be pursuing his dream while his girl stays home and supports him while he’s away.
6. Take The Game From Me:
John: This song goes back and exploits the fake rappers…the ones that are trying to take the hip hop game from the individuals who actually put their blood, sweat and tears into the music.

In “Take the game from me” Jon raps “You say you rapping but that’s really pop man, fairytale trapping you aint never on the block man. Know a couple niggas really be up on the glock man, you just taking snaps with your bitch and your glock man.” Jon is calling out all the boys who half ass rap and fake trap. Even though this is the last song on the mixtape I listened to it first and thought “okay this is good.”  I giggled at the fairytale trapping part. Fairytale trapping makes me think “you not on the streets really trapping, your imagining a life you never lived, and youre probabaly soft.” Not only are his rhymes catchy but he also has a unique flow with the music.

Jon S brings much needed quality rap music to the fore front with The Green EP. Pay attention to the Houston music scene because Jon S is going to be a household name very soon. And remember, support the underground music you never know what you might find.

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