It all started with a sex tape. We all know this story all too well. The amount of building the Kardashian family has done from that tape is something all companies can pull from. Although their family was known prior to the sex tape, because of their father’s involvement with the OJ Simpson case. The level of exposure they have given themselves since then allows everyone in their family to make money individually. They currently have influence in every single one of our main markets. Our main three marketing influences being internet, clothing, and television. Here is how they hold influence in each of these markets:

1. Internet:  All of the girls have also developed apps catered to what they best feel suites their interest. The apps give extra insight on the back ground scenes of their lives. Although the public was receptive at first, people began purchasing it because of general curiosity.

2. Clothing: When KUWTK first stated, we also saw the development of their clothing brand DASH. They would also film at the store talking about their experiences on opening a store. When the show become established the customers for the clothing brand began to increase as well. They also started a Kardashian Kids clothing brand after a few of them started having children of their own. After Kim married Kanye, their family started to support his clothing a lot more as well. The merging fans of both Kanye and Kim merged the costs of his clothing. When the youngest Kendall and Kylie grew up they partnered with PacSun to create a clothing line as well.

3. TelevisionKeeping up with the Kardashians has been on air since 2007 documenting every juicy part of the Kardashian lifestyle. During some of the biggest scandals, we could go to this show to confirm or deny any curiosities. It has also had a couple spin offs such as Khloe & Kim take MiamiKourtney & Kim take New York, and Khloe and Lamar. E! News has also aired the weddings of Kourtney and Kim and the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner. Needless to say, this family has never strayed from the word entertaining.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Kardashians way of living, the marketing mechanisms at play here could leave you rich forever. Stay woke.

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