The Alabama Shakes took form around 2009, and in correlation with their name, had their start in Athens Alabama. The band, consisting of the four members, Brittany Howard (lead vocals and guitarist), Zac Cockrell (bassist), Heath Fogg (guitarist), and Steve Johnson (drummer), began forming their group while still in high school. The band started off by playing popular song covers in the open mic circuit and put their own twist on many Led Zeppelin tunes. However, they eventually moved forward to playing only their original songs with lyrics and vocals by Brittany Howard.alabama-shakes-1024

On April 10 of 2012, Alabama Shakes released their first full album, Boys & Girls. This album features eleven tracks, with the most popular track being “Hold On”. This first album took off quickly, and the Alabama Shakes soon went from an underground garage soul band to Grammy-winning artists. The first album, Boys & Girls, took on the sound of R&B ‘60s inspired garage soul. Alabama Shakes made a name for themselves with their strange retro blues sound, and with their first full length album with songs that were, according to Howard, based on personal life experiences.

Alabama_Shakes_at_the_Mercedes_Benz_Evolution_TourThree years passed, and on April 21 of 2015, the Alabama Shakes released their second album. This newer album, called Sound & Color, applied a new layer to their pre-existing sound. While the band stays true to their garage soul roots, this new overlay of unexpected sound allows for a more diverse tracklist. Sound & Color consists of twelve tracks, each unique as the band is clearly branching out from their last album. Their new multilayered tone along with Howard’s powerful voice and emotive lyrics allows for Sound & Color to be an even greater success than Boys & Girls.

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