“Tha MAWB means family. It is not an acronym, but it is used in the everyday language. It’s a lifestyle and we promote the grow and glow. We’re currently based in Atlanta and started creating in 2012.

MAWB originally started off as a clothing brand, but the market quickly became oversaturated and trendy. The products we were producing drew a lot of attention from peers. Whether it was the spiked cotton beanies, baseball tees, or the glow in the dark hats, everything had meaning and it was new and different. However, I wanted Tha MAWB to have better quality than I could obtain at the time.

So we started brainstorming about other markets we could get into. Our love for art grew and we started to expand into all forms. Photography, graphics, video shooting, DJ mixing, and editing. We even have a rap artist we’re sponsoring right now!

I would hate to put a specific title on what we do or where I see Tha MAWB, because I see it being everywhere and doing everything.”


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