There,there he stands, in silence, it seems. He’s empty of hope and short on his dreams. Desperate for attention in spite of his distance, it’s clear that he’s different, he can’t see what’s missing. Born into circumstances that precede his existence, he listens ,he mingles, yet still, he’s resistant. His masculine demeanor and melanin complexion chastises his being and deteriorates his justice. Despite his intention, there’s history mentioned but not his to claim, he’s labeled a menace.

Confusion resides, he sweats through his eyes, or what say you tears, flows next to his ears. A significant gesture makes this man no lesser to display his emotion, nor his ability to control it. Misrepresented, to say the least. Here’s a lesson to retrieve.

Thirteenth amendment, read it twice, to understand and be precise. There’s reinvention of oppression, to use punishment with crime as the exception. Can you imagine? Incarceration leads the scandal, laws in place to dismantle the human mind and make it fragile. There’s a social neglect to his kind, he realizes in due time, he’s counted out to leave behind. He’s on a mission.

He knows there’s a reformation but on his own, he must embrace it. He must trace it back to his roots to see he’s made it. There’s much to do but he can’t erase it, the struggle that is, he has to face it. Face it forward, win its races, overcome its expectations. He’s different but he’s brilliant, intelligent beyond the millions, are those with a similar appearance. Created different I do believe but in his difference, he achieves.


-Plychette Montgomery


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