Netflix just keeps getting better with their delivery. It has just recently been released that there will be a Barack Obama biopic on his college years, and we are all so excited! As his presidency comes to an end, social media delivers instance after instance where Barack has certainly made his presidency his own. As a community, we can attest, no matter the political stance, Barack has performed his presidential role in the media exceedingly well. He bridges the gap with the younger generation by growing relationships with those who are looked up to in pop culture such as Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar. Barack has also in turn flourished the image of his family, and the First Lady Michelle having several avenues to express herself as an individual. While we’re discussing Michelle, Lets take a look at her most recent slay for the New York Times!


Southside With You, a short film, documenting him and Michelle’s first date just released in late August was a heavy anticipation as well. Although we were all excited to see what this film had to offer, it received a lot of backlash that it didn’t meet expectations. Many people stated they would’ve liked to see more of a story line, and some areas of the Obamas that make them human. It was also said that the film was entirely too short considering most films range two hours and thirty minutes. We wanted to genuinely walk through the timeline of their relationship, but rather we received exactly what the commercials had to offer. We must still consider though that the Obamas are still in the position of presidency, and disclosing certain information could be compromising to everything they’ve built. Hopefully this biopic will offer more insight of who Barack is as a person, and now he’s developed. The film is set to be released Dec 16, 2016, so mark it on your calendars. Check out the trailer below!

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