The New Year is here! There’s things to do and people to see or meet. There are endless opportunities awaiting. What is your plan that follows the New Year? I plan on increasing my accolades and embracing success. It’s long overdue for many of us I bet. The sweet smell of success motivates me.

There’s something about success that overwhelms my soul and breaks through like a light through my spirit. It puts me in overdrive and has the same power to settle me.

It distributes a thriving energy that’s contagious. It’s very contagious to those around you. Unfortunately, your success doesn’t have that same effect on others that it has on you because it belongs to you. Few will genuinely appreciate your arrival. Which is why it is important to be sure of the company you keep.

It is misleading to think that the New Year should bring forth new possibilities without considering what or who currently hinders you. In order to be ultimately successful, we must make sure that our visions align with those who keep us company.

Sometimes we outgrow people and that’s okay. It’s a learning process. When we close one chapter another one opens. Ideally, we become associated with individuals who are able to assist us in achieving our goals. Associations matter and intersecting with the right people is imperative.

Make no mistake, I’m not suggesting anyone wreck any friendships. However, I do find it important to make room for new company in the event that you are looking to attain success.

New beginnings!

-Plychette Montgomery


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