The style of female rap has certainly evolved from when it first emerged it’s biggest names. When it first began women had no choice, but to make their lyrics sexual to do numbers. Currently female rappers have the freedom to express all different types of emotions one of the main ones being independence. Through the changes the purpose has still remained the same which is to release the inner savage of a female. Music has a way of affecting our daily interactions, and there is no better way to start your day sometimes than with a ratchet empowering playlist. Many women with large influence in the industry have admitted they to indulge in ratchet rap from time to time. It is simply a necessity to get over that guy that may not text you back, see your self worth, go for that opportunity, or just go crazy with your friends. Here are some current favorites in female rap that release that inner ratchet:

1. Kari Faux – No Small Talk straight out of Little Rock, Arkansas and is also known for her eclectic style. She also has other songs such as On The Internet, and Lie 2 My Face.

2. Princess Nokia – Kitana born and raised in Bronx, New York rapping about her life as a unapologetic Afro-Latina. Her other fan favorites are Brujas, and Tomboy.

3. Kamaiyah – How does it feel representing Oakland, California in every way possible. She raps about the realities of fame, womanhood, and relationships. The other favorites include Fuck It up and Niggas.

4. JunglePussy – Bling Bling also a New York native raps about the contemporary meaning of being pro-black, pro-woman discussing topics like race and gender. Also has hit songs like Satisfaction Guaranteed and Spicy 103FM.

If you ever catch your man sliding in someones DMs, or want to feel like a boss. You know where to go!

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