The time has finally arrived folks, Playboi Carti has finally decided to bless us with a full length project titled after himself “Playboi Carti”. It’s been a long wait almost going on a half of a decade for Carti to drop something but here it is and as an “OG” Carti fan I must say it’s pretty dope with all honesty. Of course I wouldn’t expect an older crowd of hip-hop/rap fans to appreciate this but Carti could personally care less as he already has accepted his trendy label as a “mumble rapper” in today’s rap game society while co-signing on the topic with lil Uzi Vert in an interview for VFILES LOUD live concert in times square. Even after the release of Carti’s official tape fans took to twitter almost instantly to voice their loud opinions on Playboi Carti’s unique rap style.

Now with all that being cleared up lets get into dissecting album from it’s creative process to the energy it gives off. Playboi Carti the mixtape is pure fun, lit, and young energy for young people as I stated earlier so if you were looking into this tape expecting Kendrick Lamar type bars and smooth sonically soft melody from and Drake level perspective you have been clearly misguided and I almost feel bad for you that you put yourself through the discomfort of listening to the Playboi Carti mixtape. However, if you were looking forward to hearing a lot of yeah’s and a lot of aye’s after every few words along with some crazy dope production value this is the perfect tape for you. “We make lit sh*t” said Carti as he was asked to describe his own personal style of music along with Lil Uzi Vert’s. And speaking of Lil Uzi, he was featured promptly on two out of the 15 tracks from Carti’s self titled project. Other features included A$AP Rocky of course and a new R&B singer by the name of Leven Kali.

With all the rapper stuff out of the way it’s time to embrace the production side of this project because the production is basically the core it all. The most recognized from this side of “Playboi Carti” is a young producer out of South Carolina by the name of Pierre Bourne. He is the mastermind and overall main sound behind Playboi Carti’s debut mixtape which is so hard to describe. But, if i had to make a guess on this unique beat pattern and sound I’d have to say it is a wild mix between 80’s techno, 808’s, and old Super Nintendo video game effects supported heavily with some catchy ad-libs. Nun the less, Pierre produced 6 out of the 15 songs on the tape including big hit’s Magnolia and WokeUpLikeThis featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Hopefully there is more music in the near future to come from Carti as he has already thrown out hints of another project in the works.


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