As most of you have probably noticed, during last weekend (April 15th – 17th) and this weekend (April 22nd – 24th), social media was and is conquered by the ever growing phenomenon that is Coachella. A mixture of music, fashion, art, and light, this music festival has become a mainstream event for celebrities and personnel alike; with thousands flocking to the desert of California for the sake of saying that they were a part of the madness. Yet Coachella isn’t the only music festival that has blossomed in popularity over the last couple of years, with ones like Firefly, Warped Tour, and many more being a source of frenzy and for music lovers alike.

It seems that this present is all about redefining the past. Taken from the example of Woodstock, music festivals have once again become a staple of year round entertainment – with various genre lovers flocking to various venues around the world all for the sake of quality entertainment. Yet, this rise in popularity has only really been apparent in the last couple of years, with Coachella being at the forefront of that movement. If you look back, festivals like Warped Tour, Glastonbury, and many others have been around for many years – Glastonbury for example began in the 1970’s. So why this revival? Across the board, our generation has a love of nostalgia. Drawing upon the nostalgia of the past, the idea of people coming together all for the sake of music, fashion, and art is a very desirable sensation. People also like the idea of escaping reality – with many of these festivals happening over a period of days, giving them the chance to travel, listen to great music, and forget about their daily lives. All in all, music festivals provide an experience that, though it may cycle in and out of popularity, never falls out of style.

One of the things that makes Coachella so popular amongst music enthusiasts is the fact that it is not genre specific. Varying from acts like Ice Cube, Guns N Roses, and Calvin Harris, the event enlists a large variety of music acts in order to give its audience the widest variety of performances possible. Meaning that hip hop, techno, pop, rock lovers alike can all find something to really sink their teeth into while dancing the hours away in the dessert. Beyond simply the music, it is also the aura of Coachella that has drawn people in. Hoping to spot a celebrity from the distance, or attempting to achieve the best boho-chic look, Coachella has found the way to incorporate all forms of art and social media to the point where it has become a rite of passage for any 20-odd that believes themselves to be an avid member of the pop-culture community. With the start of weekend 2, Coachella proves every year that it is ever evolving into the type of event no one wants to miss.

Last year's Glastonbury festival, staple of the British summer circuit.

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