Producer and visual artist Travis Rice, better known as  The Prblms, recently hit the stage in Birmingham, AL to promote his audible art installation, Tour La Fleez. 

The Prblms and singer/songwriter Youngblood appear in gaps of thin air creating a visual staccato to The Prblms’ bluesy-hip hop production. Waterfall keys serenade the swimming red and yellow koi in the background and pair seamlessly with the fluid kaleidoscope that teases the eye.


Fiji [Live at WorkPlay]” is the self-directed premier video off The Prblms’ forthcoming project, Tour La Fleez. The EP narrates the tales of an electronic blues singer on tour in the year 3026.

Preceding the release of “Fiji [Live at WorkPlay]”, The Prblms shared an ode to lovers of the electric guitar and “SpottieOttieDopaliscious”.

When asked for his sentiments on “The Last Outcast”, The Prblms said simply this:

 “[It’s] A sonic poem dedicated to all of my musical idols and influences, especially my pops. Let this be a step forward in the direction of innovation. The progress in time travel would probably move a lot faster if we focused on the speed of sound.”



If you’re going to be in Atlanta, GA this weekend, catch The Prblms live at Creatives After Dark on July 30, 2016. 439 Edgewood Ave.


Listen to “The Last Outcast” 


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