Assignments due, test approaching, I should probably just study and refrain from social media, I should probably stop worrying, Read this, write that, my life’s a big story, who’s going to read my shit, that’s how I’m feeling, I’m sorry.

I’m on an educational bliss, there’s always a lesson, there’s always a teacher, always a professor, someone’s always preaching, someone’s always pressing, me to figure it all out, man this here is stressful. “Knowledge is Power”, they say “Get that education”, “it’ll take you far”, and “all it takes it dedication”.

It’s crazy ’cause you work so hard until you figure you got it right, you wake up drinking Starbucks and you barely sleep at night. “Work hard to play hard”, yeah but that comes later and right now is crucial, right now this is major. It’s like you take notes to take notes and then you still miss the lesson, then it’s time for a quiz with these unknown ass questions.

Another day, another chapter, then another course right after. Gotta get it all together, gotta soak in what really matters. My teachers, my directors, my dreams all in one direction, all deter my actions, all to groom me better. I appreciate them all, complicated I might seem, but I’m a full-time college student with busted backpack seams.

Here I am, a student, yet achieving my own goals, writing my own chapters, pinning my emotions to make myself feel better. All days aren’t bad days and I’m not complaining, I’m just writing facts on how hard a student’s day is!

-Plychette Montgomery



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