The term communism has been used to establish our earnings according to our time, and capabilities. Which has therefore established our views on the American Dream, and accessibility to our sources of income. The sense of earning of living has transitioned due to peoples needs in different seasons of life. College students, for instance, have to earn extra money depending on their families social class. In honor of the Black Friday grind, and the rigorous hours people are expected to work I felt this topic would certainly be suitable. When an employee is first hired a lot of sacrifices are to be made in order to make money. Also, most people upon hire are not needed to have very much experience. Some would even go as far to consider retail equivalent to a career such as stripping, because of its huge influx with no needed experience. This is why in reference to the title I believe this has become the new mass version of communism. Many millennials have even established a living through the pyramid of retail, and consider college to be less necessary. The possibility of moving up in a mass retail establishment takes years, and by the time you get the promotion you’re way older with less interest knowledge in whats trending. Which increases the concept of simply settling for mediocre rather than to pursue something you initially wanted. Fashion being one of the main influences to 20th century kids only making it more plausible for something such as Forever 21, and H&M to be their first job. The youngest age of hire for most retailers are 16, and we have little to no knowledge of the concept of time management and boundaries. The pressure of wanting to be a good employee, and not say no can weigh on our other responsibilities outside of work. There as several things you sacrifice to be an employer at a retailer such as time, holidays, and the paycheck to paycheck mentality.  I, myself, working in retail have to combat these struggles daily. As millennials I would just challenge us to be remember this is all temporary, and its only supplying your needs for something greater. It still doesn’t make the customers any easier to deal with….. LOL.

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