Over the past few months, we’ve all witnessed the transition of activewear being a post-gym indication, to being an everyday ensemble. Two factors that have contributed to this change have been celebrities and Victoria Secret Pink.

There once was a del_athleisure_segun_gigi_hadid_y_kendall_jenner_584218695_800xay that I would frown upon the thought of wearing activewear leggings or tops to class or brunch, but even I have had a change of heart. (Don’t get me wrong, I still would not dare to wear these things to brunch.) I went three days in activewear as an experiment, and this is what I found.

  1. The amount of effort is still the same- If you don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed, effort is still required. Fashion is not just what you clothe yourself in; it’s the full image you give off to the public. You can’t just throw on any gym attire to pull off this look. The outfit has to be cohesive, along with the shoes used to pair with it.
  2. Be ready for the stares.– If you’ve ever heard about men’s infatuation with women in leggings, believe me, it’s true. I began to feel uneasy after about an hour of walking around campus. Activewear is not for the meek of heart.
  3. It’s comfortable- Now I finally understand the infatuation with wearing activewear many days out of the week. It’s insanely delightful! Not only do you not have to worry about ironing it, but being in the outfit from sun up to sun down is almost like wearing PJ’s all day. From being able to see your favourite celeb rocking fitness wear, to purchasing your own Activewear online, you can be as comfortable as you want while in the gym or on the streets.

All in all, activewear may just be one of the best fashion trends that I’ve experienced in a while. Not only does it look good when done right, but it’s convenient and pleasant to wear. Activewear as a trend may be here to stay for a while and I am completely here for it. What are your thoughts?

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