Kayla, also known as Peaches Monroe is the young woman who went viral on the now deleted app vine for created a six second video exclaiming how her eyebrows were “on fleek”. Suddenly this phrase was being picked up by everyone. Retailers like Forever 21 were putting in on t-shirts, companies were using it in their advertisements, and Nicki Minaj even uses the phrase when she raps in her song “Feeling Myself”. In the popular song Nicki is heard bragging “Kitty on fleek, pretty on fleek. Pretty gang always keep them n*ggas on geek”. Despite the immense popularity of the term she created, Peaches didn’t receive any money for the use of her words.

It has been three years since her famous video went viral. Since then Peaches has accumulated a rather large social media following. After all these years Peaches is reclaiming her phrase. On August 31 the young women turned entrepreneur ventured into the beauty industry by launching her own website peachesonfleek.com On her website you can buy products ranging from various types of hair extensions, closures, frontals, and even wigs. Peaches’ website even sells 3D mink lashes and edge control. Peaches promises the use of 100% human hair in her extensions. She also offers extensions in a wide variety of colors and textures. Peaches was inspired to launch her website after receiving compliments on her hair and eyelashes and wanted to be able to provide quality products at an affordable price so that people of all backgrounds can be “on fleek” together. For those who are looking to shop a black owned business be sure to check out her online store for your beauty needs.

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