holding-ava-duvernay-barbie1Netflix strikes again with an informative and compelling original named Thirteenth Amendment. They partnered with the amazing Ava Duvernay, who also directed Selma in 2014.

After executing Selma, she was nominated for Best Directer, but lost which had some questioned underlining controversy. Although she lost for Best Director, the song Glory that was featured in the film for Best Original Song. This alone was a huge milestone considering what the song represented for the film and for the current times. The song writers of ‘Glory’ was Common and John Legend, who were both emotional when receiving this award during the Emmys of 2015. When they received their award, they explained the film Selma and Glory encompasses the current movement in America, although the film was to depict the times of Martin Luther King Jr.

Left to right: David Oyelowo (as Martin Luther King, Jr.) discusses a scene with Director Ava DuVernay on the set of SELMA, from Paramount Pictures and Pathé.

The purpose of showing the past, and the future all in one was, I believe, Duvernay’s purpose in Selma. Thirteenth Amendment follows in the same footsteps as Selma, as well discussing the inequalities in the imprisonment system with the thirteenth amendment. The film discusses how the thirteenth amendment abolishes slavery excluding under the circumstance of crime, which the system found a loophole with when their was a huge influx of African Americans being placed in prison. This would be considered a huge example of institutionalized racism that seeps racism underneath laws and polices that allows for it to take place. Institutionalized racism is one of the hardest societal issues to tackle considering we accept society for the way it is established, and we leave ourselves with the excuse that maybe these people are harmful or are not fit to be free individuals. Regardless of your stance, Thirteenth Amendment is something everyone should watch. It is currently streaming on Netflix right now! Waste no time and be woke NOW!


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