Dominic is a Pensacola, Florida native that is now attending school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at Stillman College.  Dominic recently started up his own clothing brand called LO️VE. This brand is based out of his hometown of Pensacola, Florida. Dominic gained inspiration for his brand just by doodling hearts in his notebooks in high school. He has actually had this logo drawn up since about 2012 but didn’t do anything with it until recently.

In January of this year, Dom started up his brand by putting his logo on various clothing items. Clothes offered by the LOVE brand include hats, t-shirts, shorts, matching sets,  and even bodysuits. Dom promotes his brand primarily through social media outlets like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Dom’s social media handles for his company are @dkenmac on twitter and @loveclothingbydom on Instagram. In  hopes of expanding his brand, Dom will continue to promote it on social media and he also hopes to get some of his clothes into the hands of some celebrities to give the brand even more exposure.

Besides just selling clothes with a cool logo, Dominic also wants to spread a message with his brand. Dom admits to attempting suicide in the past. He is lucky to say that he failed in his attempt. This low point in his life that he experienced really opened his eyes to start his self love journey. Now, Dom wants to spread that message of self love to others through his brand. Dom wants to let people know that self love is the key to life and that you must love yourself before you love anyone or anything else.



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