Malcolm Sands, the creative mind behind the clothing company Thouxsands, is a DMV area native who now resides in Miami. Malcolm attended Miami Dade College where he received his AA in business administration. After finishing school, Malcolm became involved with non-profit organizations and BMe Community.

Thouxsands is based out of Florida, which is the same area that the company was established. Thouxsands provides what Malcolm refers to as “accessories and necessities”. Hats are the main product that the company sells but they also sell unisex socks. These items are meant to accentuate one’s own individual style. The average price of the products that Thouxsands offers is about $25. The products are not high end, but they are not cheap either. Malcolm uses select materials and local manufacturing to ensure that his products are affordable while still being good quality.

Thouxsands isn’t a traditional company because it is Malcolm Sands expressing his art. Malcolm’s company has become an outlet for him as it allows him to communicate with others through design and writing. The company also allows Malcolm to partake in marketing, promotion, photography, and graphic design, which are other passions of his. Another goal of the company has been to inspire and empower others through art.

The company’s logo was trademarked between 2013 and 2014. The company’s “Know your worth” campaign was launched in 2015, which featured different colored hats and shirts with the phrase printed across the front. The hats from this campaign really gained traction and helped for Thouxsands to become more well known. The message of “Know your worth” was representative of Malcolm Sands own personal journey but had other meanings as well. The phrase on the hats was symbolic because according to Malcolm “what you wear on your head is on your mind”.

Malcolm gains his inspiration for his company from his surroundings, places he’s been, where he sees himself going in life, as well as current events. The “Know your worth” campaign has been relevant with the issue of police brutality and even the election of Donald Trump. Malcolm is very strategic about what he creates. In school he learned that you design for function before aesthetics, like how you design a shoe for a professional athlete. Malcolm wants to create art that people can wear, and wants each person to take away something different from his creations and for them to make people feel good. Malcolm shares how a customer who purchased his hat, wore it to a job interview and instantly got the job because the interviewer liked the hat. This shows the impact of the message that the Thouxsands company represents. It’s also a key way to humanize your brand, by bringing in the stories of those who wear it.

Malcolm frequently collaborates with other artists as well as his friends who have their own studios where they can host shows. Thouxsands’ current line of hats are part of a collaboration with a friend’s clothing company called Roots Collective. The purpose of this collection is to celebrate black history and culture outside of just the month of February.

The target customers of Thouxsands are young black women. Black women are the company’s biggest buyers and even serve as ambassadors. Part of the company’s goal is to uplift black women, especially with the “Know your worth” campaign. The company is also aimed towards young people of color. Malcolm has seen content created that was intended on uplifting minorities when it actually sent a negative message. He wanted to create content that was a positive message for the culture while also having swag.

In order to expand the Thouxsands company, Malcolm is currently working with someone on revamping the company’s website. There was no point struggling with creating a website if we knew there were companies like
MadeSimpleMedia out there who could do a much better job! Additionally, the website will also incorporate Malcolm’s writing. When it comes to financing his rule of thumb is to double your money in return, which he says is attainable with the right amount of hype. Malcolm intends on hiring staff to assist him with marketing, distribution, and presentation of the product. Throughout the process of building his company Malcolm has learned that even though he is the founder, he can’t do it all alone. Malcolm says if he had the extra assistance he would have been able to put out more “Know your worth” hats in more colors. He intends to continue doing collaborations and to consistently produce new content. To stay up to date with what is going on with Thouxsands, follow them on Instagram @thouxsands.

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