If you’ve been following my posts then you know that I’ve been writing regularly about how to make 2017 your best year yet! Of course 2017 will have its ups and downs like any other year, but the key is to attain your peace throughout all of the challenges. Life is a never ending cycle of bad and good, yin and yang, but when you keep your positive thinking then you know that in even the darkest times, it will get better. Below are my lists of books that will keep you level headed and full of wisdom in 2017.

1. A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson Before Dying tells the story of Jefferson, a 21 year old uneducated black man growing up in the fictional town of Bayonne, Louisiana. One night Jefferson is with his friends when they decide to rob and kill a white man at his liquor store. Jefferson is the only suspect arrested and sentenced to death, even though he was innocent. Grant is an educated black man who is asked by Jefferson’s Godmother to teach him while he still has time left. Grant didn’t want to at first but the two eventfully build a beautiful bond. A Lesson Before Dying is about racism, oppression, and most importantly redemption.

2. The Four Agreements

In The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz talks about our self limiting mindset that creates our own suffering. The Four Agreements are based on ancient Toltec wisdom that will give us the power to change our lives and attain anything we want. This book helped me gain a new outlook on life. The Four Agreements will give you the positive mindset you want in 2017.

3. The Alchemist

The Alchemist tells the story of a young sheppard boy who sets out on a journey to find treasure. Along the way he encounters many obstacles that teach him life lessons. This book is a fable of sorts and it has an underlying message that we can all relate to. Books that give you wisdom are books that should be read.

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