Brand: No specific brand name – usually go by “by Tolu Augustine Falana or Tolu Augustine Falana”


Background: Tolu Augustine Falana is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and style influence hailing from The Greater Houston Area (primarily Missouri City). At age 17, he decided to put his self-taught graphic design skills to good use. Coming from a place where the mainstream streetwear culture is primarily dark and drug-influenced, he decided to create clothing to invoke positivity, pride, uplift, and good vibes.


His first release is entitled “HOME” – a t-shirt highlighting different cities within The Greater Houston Area gave him the much needed clout to continue his efforts and release the “MOVE MNTNS” longsleeve, and the follow up to “HOME” – “HOME Part Two”

On May 12th, Tolu Augustine Falana released “The 5 P’s” a b/w longsleeve, and “OPEN” distressed/regular hats. The reception was mindblowing, and took social media by storm. Tolu sold out and re-stocked multiple times. Just like any entrepreneur it’s going to be important for him to keep a close track on the progress he’s making towards his goals so that he doesn’t lose focus. There are plenty of apps that can help you do this like googles OKR , I wonder if he’s heard of them. When you’re experiencing as much success as he is, it’s easy to let go and let it take care of itself, but without a firm hand the gravy train can run out of steam.


After a two-month run (his longest ever) ending on July 22nd – he sold out for the very last time.


This is just a precursor to the other ventures Tolu has in store.



Seeing so many talents, creatives, and entrepreneurs growing in this generation, I decided to interview Tolu to get some insight on his brand, the history behind it, as well as the future for his self-proclaimed brand!


Q: What is the meaning behind your clothing line?

A: Everything by Tolu Augustine Falana represents positivity, forward-thinking, self love/awareness, and style. Four of the most important things I feel you should sprinkle into everything you do.


Q: Where are you based out of?

A: The Greater Houston Area and the DFW Area. I constantly go back and forth. One time for the Mo tho! *breaks wrist*


Q: Who are the brains behind this brand?

A: Three people; me, myself, and I. I literally do everything by myself. From designing, making the shirts, packaging/shipping, promoting, modeling, all me. I occasionally branch out if I need help in small aspects, but other than that, I’m solo dolo and that’s most likely how it will stay.


Q: Before starting this clothing line, what gave you the inspiration to go forward with this idea?

A: The inspiration behind all my clothes come from me. What i’m feeling at the time. Things I feel are lacking in the culture. I don’t see alot of clothes highlighting places like Missouri City or like, Cypress – so I made that. I don’t see shirts coming out of Houston that blatantly represent positivity and uplift without being looked at as “corny” – so I made that. I don’t see anyone doing what I do, and that’s why I do it.


Q: What is the main purpose and goal for your brand?

A: The main purpose is to take something that’s positive and invokes positive energy, put it on a shirt, hat, whatever – and make it your favorite thing to wear. My last two pieces – “The 5 P’s” (Pray Plot Plan Put In Motion Prosper) longsleeve and “OPEN” (Open Your Mind, Before Your Mouth) hats single-handedly describe all I feel one needs to do to increase the quality of their life and their surroundings. The 5 simple steps within The 5 P’s promotes a productive and forward-thinking mindset, and as long as God is the first part of your process, you will always be successful. The quote on the “OPEN” hats just tells you to be open to new ideas, people, mindsets, products, and everything in between. The quote, at it’s skeleton, preaches love and acceptance.


Q: What do you hope to gain from this brand?

A: I hope to gain a following big enough to touch everyone on this planet. I want nothing more to get all my gear in front of as many eyes as possible. Who wouldn’t.


Q: Have you gone international with your clothing line?

A: Yes! International orders are really tricky with shipping, but i’ve had people from all over reach out wanting to support. There’s honestly no better feeling.


Q: Have you had any celebrities/musicians showcase your brand?

A: No. But that’s coming. I’ve spent these last few weeks chopping it up and shaking hands with the right people. My clothes have a very bright future.


Q: What is in the future for your brand?

A: My last answer was the perfect segway to this, haha. I’m taking everything to the next level. Full-scale shoots, more merchandise, different fabrics and pieces, giveaways, fashion shows, everything. I plan to move some mountains going into 2017.


Q: How did you create the apparel designs? What was the inspiration?

A: Everything was created by me. I taught myself how to do graphic design in about the 10th grade, and started to fall in love with clothing and fashion in the 11th. A few months later, I merged the two and my clothing was born. My inspiration, honestly, is inspiration. I want to inspire more than anything. It’s a really multi-dimensional word because people can be inspired by anything, explaining why all my pieces are so diverse.


Q: What would you like to let your supports know about your clothing line and what’s to come?

A: My supporters are literally everything! THANK YOU! Whether you’ve bought something from me, tweet out my links, RT my pictures, or give a thumbs up from a distance, I cherish and value support more than anything in this world. I’m going to continue to treat you guys like royalty, haha. But as far as my clothing goes, all I want them to know is to keep their eyes on me in these next coming months. I don’t want to say too much because everyone knows Tolu is the king of random drops and surprises, but just know some amazing things are in the works.


Stay updated with all that is to come from Tolu!



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