Comfort is a must on college campuses everywhere. Personally, it’s one of my three C’s (“coffee, comfort, and [extra] credit”)! However, in the midst of all the late night study sessions and late morning wake up calls, looking good AND being comfy can be a little tough to tackle. As a student, you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. That’s why (in no particular order) I’ve put together my top 3 comfy campus outfits:


1. Sweatshirt + Leggings

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You’re never far out of your comfort zone when you pull on your favorite pair of leggings, but you’re   definitely rocking comfort in style with the right sweatshirt! Cropped or not, a cozy fleece sweatshirt will keep you nice and comfy during those late night study sessions in the library. Not feeling the leggings? Need more structure to your ‘fit? Pair a sweatshirt with your favorite joggers (and your favorite pair of sneakers) and head off to class in style and comfort!

2. Graphic Tee + Leggings

Put the “class” in classic as you head to your 8am in a bomb graphic tee and that favorite pair of leggings we talked about. It’s a staple outfit in any college kid’s wardrobe because the graphic t-shirt allows you to keep comfy, but it also gives you some room to rock that Thrasher tee you’ve been meaning to wear. All in all, a staple for all year round! Pair it with a flannel around your waist just in case these boiling Fall temperatures choose to drop, so you won’t be left out in the cold! Plus: this ‘fit easily doubles as your straight to the gym outfit of the day!

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3. Denim, denim, denim!

Nothing says “comfy but effortless” like the go to fabric itself! Denim is the most versatile of all wardrobe pieces when it gets down to it. Whether it’s an oversized denim jacket, your tried and true Levi’s, or that ultra retro pair of overalls you want to rock, denim is there for you in many styles and washes. Pair some way cool overalls with that comfy tee of yours and get to class on time and in style!

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Image via Arielle Gray

Bonus! While you can never go wrong rocking your denim with your favorite sneakers, you can always switch it up with a simple pair of sandals or take it up a notch (just a notch, if you want to!) with a cute pair of pumps (or booties) and a tee of your choice!

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In a world where deadlines are always lurking around the corner and there never feels like there is enough time to look good and be great, don’t fret! Comfort never goes out of style and neither do you! Never feel restricted in your style because at the end of the day, your truest level of comfort is where you feel the best!

That being said, feel free to try out some of these comfy campus outfits! Switch it up and rock it out!

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