We aren’t even half way through 2017 it’s already been one for the books and I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. With the state of political mayhem, violence and a lack of basic respect for human beings 2017 has honestly been a year I’ll never forget. Although there has been a lot of craziness going on so far this year there is one thing that remains constant every year, new music. So far some pretty original music has dropped this year and I’m here to share the top 5 songs of 2017 with you guys. So, sit back and chill out because we are about to go on a virtual run through of the top 5 best songs that have dropped in 2017 thus far.


1.) SZA- Garden( Say It Like Dat)

SZA is my girl so y’all already know I had to include her in the Top 5! “Garden( Say it Like Dat)”, like a lot of the tracks on Crtl, is so honest and poetic.  SZA’s ability to talk about how she knows her man doesn’t really mess with her like that but how she believes him because of how he comes to her is deeply relatable and oh so poetically heartbreaking.

2.) Kendrick Lamar- XXX ft. (U2)

Honesty, Kendrick Lamar DID THAT with his newly released album DAMN, there were so many good songs on the album. However, XXX stood out the most. Kendrick’s ability to go from a spoken word vibe to a full-brown , full throttle reality raps banger and then back to  the spoken word vibe in  “XXX”  is honestly unparalleled by any other musician.

3.) Gucci Mane- Finesse The Plug

“In Finesse The Plug” Gucci destroys the idea that in order to make a good trap song your beat needs to be flashy  and fast. In this song the beat is very slow and simple and Gucci perfectly aligns his tone of voice with that beat.

4.) DJ Khaled- I’m the One ft. Quake, Justin Beiber, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne)

Justin Beiber’s sultry voice + Chance The Rapper+ Weezy+ Quavo+ Dj Khaled… do I need to go on?

5.)Logic- AfricAryan( feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson)

The underrated underdog if there ever was one,Logic constantly serves me late 90’s hip-hop vibes with his use of elaborately simple beats and his ability to rap about more than just blunts and broads. In “AfricAryan” Logic so beautifully talks about the complexity he faces as a biracial person. His ability to turn struggle into poetic lyrics is a skill many artist today lack.


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