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Zolee Griggs: @zolee_g


For those of you, that used to watch the old Disney Channel show, “Cory in the House” then this young fashionista may be a familiar face to you. Zolee Griggs is a 19 year old actress and blogger from Los Angeles, California. Zolee is very daring when it comes to her looks and she is also very into beauty whether it be makeup or skin care. In order to get a taste of the California lifestyle you should definitely give her a follow.

Sherlina Nym: @sherlinanym


Sherlina Nym is a blogger from the United Kingdowm. She is the queen of mirror selfies and has a shoe collection that is to die for. Sherlina can pull of any look whether it be urban, classy, or casual. The blogger even has a collection with the UK company “Ego” that features denim thigh high boots in two washes as well as clear heels. Following Sherlina will give you all sort of inspiration for future outfits.

Nyané Lebajoa: @nyanelebajoa


Nyané Lebajoa is a public figure from Berlin, Germany. Her feed focuses on fashion, beauty, and travel. Despite her incredible sense of style, Nyané is also known for her pastel hair, which is always changing shades. Following her instagram will definitely give you the urge to hop on a plane and look fabulous while doing it.

Jessica Franklin: @heygorjess


Jessica Franklin established her blog in 2013 in order to express herself. Jess is based in New York City and focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. As well as being a fashionista, Jess is also a naturalista, rocking and embracing her hair in it’s natural state. Following her Instagram is a great way to get a taste of the NYC life and its fashion scene.

Mercedes Benson: @mercedesfbenson


Mercedes Benson is a promoter from the UK. Her style reflects street fashion and urban culture. Her Instagram while showing her style, also shows her artistic side with her pictures that will meet your aesthetic goals. Following Mercedes will definitely give you your daily dose of artsy Instagram pics.

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