Pop music’s most mysterious recluse, R&B singer and Odd Future member Frank Ocean, quietly dropped a new single on Friday. Yes, the same man that had the music world holding their breath for four years in anticipation of Blonde (2016) is back with new music after only sixth months.

Much like the music on Blonde, the new song, “Chanel”, is pretty downbeat. It features watery piano chords and a clunky drum beat with snare rim hits and a punchy bass drum. Ethereal, woozy synth pads enter in the second half. As always, Frank keeps the instrumentation to a minimum, so his songwriting can do the talking.

The song itself is pretty solid. I love pretty, heart-pumping hook that seems to be referencing Frank’s bisexuality, by comparing it to the double-sided Chanel logo, shown on the right (“I see both sides like Chanel”). Frank sprinkles a bit autotune on his voice, which adds intoxicating embellishment to the chorus.

In the verses, Frank reminds us of his affiliation with Odd Future when he employs a half-sung, half-rapped flow. Unfortunately, this is the song’s weakest section. Melodically, the verse is kind of uninteresting. Lyrically, Frank is unfocused and rambling, although he does talk a fair amount about how rich he is now.

However, the song survives the mediocre verses and proves to be a worthwhile Frank Ocean track, for those that are already fans of his work. If you haven’t listen to Frank before, don’t start with “Chanel”. Hit up Channel Orange (2012) and/or Blonde.

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