There are many routes people take in order to accomplish college. Some go to a community college, and take basics to transfer their credits to a university. There are others who go to a junior college, and transfer to an accredited university. Than there are those who take the traditional route of going straight off to college, and applying for scholarships/funding. However you decide to concur college in the process transition does happen, and I chose the CC to a University route. Here are a couple things I learned during my first year at a University.

1. Pack light: This is pretty essential advice to anyone making the leap from home to college. Your first semester as a transfer or freshmen you may want to take frequent trips home. Therefore, its best to leave a little bit of everything at home and where you live so you have your essentials wherever you go.

2. Get involved: Organizations are always looking for new fresh faces, and there are several opportunities to see all the organizations your school has to offer. If you join something that both encourages your major, and helps you get acquainted fellow colleagues in it as well its a win win. You will be really tempted to just go to class, and go home. In order to break that cycle it does help to step out your comfort, and invest in a organization or two.

3. Communicate with your roommates: During your first semester you may be spending most of your time where you live. Therefore, you want to make sure you make your environment an easy one to live in. When communicating with your roommates this can mean a series of things. This may mean communicating to them this your first time living away from home, delegating cleaning tasks, and asking them to show you around campus. You have at least one year to live with your roommates so you want to make sure its a good one.

4. Be YOU: There is a place for everyone to be themselves. Its easy when transitioning into a new social life to split everyone in their groups, but not know your place. Everyone has to adjust, and give it time. Don’t sell your individuality out by jumping in the group thats most inviting. The first couple of weeks may be spent getting to know several people than assessing where you fit best, and thats totally okay.

5. Social Media: Your social media accounts will be extremely useful to know information, and virtually build relationships with your classmates. When you follow your schools page, individuals in your class, and organizations page it gets you in the mindset of what you’re surroundings will be like. It also informs you on times, room location, and other information when organizations are having events.

6. School first: Lastly, this always has to be reiterated to anyone in the season of college. Its very easy to get swept away by a plethora of things. Everyone wants a social life, a relationship, and school involvement. Some just get a little more distracted than others.  Just be willing to admit this to yourself, and only take on what allows you to excel in school as well. When its all say, and done this is what we’re all here for.













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