Where is the last place you’ve visited? And no, I don’t mean your granmama’s house in southern Louisiana. Or, the dreadful family trips your mom takes you on to see your distant relatives whose names you probably didn’t know or care for. Im talking about a real trip. Im talking about a vacation; The rich blue water in the Maldives that are so clear you can see the earth beneath it, or the great cold frigid waters of Niagara Falls. Or the bright city lights and faced passed people of New York. Or the sweltering hot sun that melts your skin in Las Vegas.

As college students we already have a lot on our plate. We stress every day. Every single day. And this is why you need to take a trip at least once year. Grab a couple of your friends that are down to have a good vacation, make the plans and you’re all set. Vacations can relax your body and clear your head. We all need this after enduring so many years of school. Although it seems easy enough, there are some tips to travel as a broke student,

Lets have a look over of a few tips to travel affordably.
1. Set up a savings account that you’ll use strictly for traveling purposes.

It is important to have multiple savings account because you for sure have multiple things to save for! If you set aside money each month SPECIFICALLY for traveling then it wont be long before you can fully fund a trip for yourself. Its not that people don’t HAVE the money to travel. People just HAVE to spend it on other shit like; clothes, weed, food, shoes, food, jewelry, food, and more food. So stop indulging in quick trends and create a memory that will stay with you forever. You could have a look into what to do in Bratislava, it could be a break you’re after as it’s not too expensive but you’ll have a great time!

2. Find a Place to stay
The first thing you should do before booking your travel is finding a place to stay. After you decide where you are going to take your trip, figuring at the living arrangements, isn’t an easy task especially for those of you who plan on taking trips over seas. You should probably also think about how your going to travel, will you need vehicle insurance? If you do, be sure to use someone like One Sure Insurance! You have a network of websites that offer you a variety of hotels at a cheaper price than what is listed on the hotel’s site, well most of the time, like Expedia and Hotels.com. If you’re the type of person who hates hotels then this could bring you a lot of peace. Airbnb is a host to 1,000s of homes, apartments, duplex, trailers, and hell even tents. You can find pretty much whatever kind of living your looking for on this app.Lastly you have living platforms that create a home environment, like Airbnb. Airbnb is located in 191 cities and 65K states. You can literally find any type of housing there. There is also the website Homeaway and VRBO, if you dont want to use Airbnb. Another good thing about apps like this is that from my experience they provide you with a lot more hygiene necessities. I’m not saying travel without any of your products, but more than likely the Airbnb host will accommodate you. But make sure you read the cancellation pol;icy thoroughly before you do. If you’re the type of person who hates hotels then this could bring you a lot of peace. these websites are a host to 1,000s of homes, apartments, duplex, trailers, and hell even tents. You can find pretty much whatever kind of living your looking for on theses website .With fluctuating airline trips and over-priced lodging, planning an affordable By doing s simple google search you can find a good amount of affordably living in the city you’re vising. Also, try something fresh! I travel a lot so it doesn’t matter how nice it is, sometimes I just want to be in an environment where I can have free will. This is the main reason why plenty of short and long term websites are emerging/ You can use the AirBnb app, VRBO, Home-away, and many other resources if you’re looking for that at home feeling.

3. Book Your Flight (EARLY)
To prevent prices going up , book your air travel as fast as you get your travel plans. Airlines will almost always fluctuate flights, especially during high traveling seasons.The most popular method most people use to find flights is through the airline companies like; Southwest, Delta, Virgin Airlines, Intercontinental, Jet Blue and more. Or, you can book a hotel through an external sites like Expedia, hotels.com and more. To combat this I downloaded the Hopper app which basically lets you know when your flight is the cheapest. It can prices rises as well and if they think its going to go up even more, they’l alert you to book now.
PS: Black people lets’ all move over to NoirBnB when it comes out. It is an app created to black people who need rides, basically its the better Uber.

4. Food
Regardless, food is going to be ‘expensive’ wherever you go because you are a tourist and that is how some of these places get there money. To cut down the cost of eating out, you can get groceries from the local store and cook! If the place you are staying at doesn’t have a kitchen you cans still get a couple of grocers that do need extensive prep and cooking. If you’re staying at an Airbnb you can go buy some groceries and cook. Then you can treat yourself to dinner.
Of course the main part of a vacation is to indulge in everything the city offers. To combat high rates you can use apps like Groupon and Living Social. There are 2 meals for the price of one deals for food. They also have deals on activities. Once i did an archer class that was worth $100 for only $35

5.Dont Travel With Broke Friends

No matter how much it pains you to admit it, you know who your broke friends are. You know those friends.. The ones who refuse to tip because “they college students and they broke too”. Those friends who want you to take them on errands, booty calls and whatever the hell else but has never given you any gas. Those are not the friends you should travel with. You want to be able to travel with people who don’t mind spending money to see attractions or view entertainment.

This would is ours and it is fun to be adventurous. Did you know that we still til this day have only explored 5% of the ocean. Did you also know that there are still unexplored regions too? Now I’m not saying go off and be Indiana Jones, traveling the world and facing myths and demons. But I am asking you to get out and travel more, it doesn’t have to be out of the country. Lets take baby steps. There’s many places that aren’t expensive to go to and are pretty fun.

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