It isn’t summer for a young black girl if she and all her friends aren’t getting braids. Braids are an easy way to simply not have to deal with your thick mane in the heat, and it also serves as a protective style. This summer, a few different braid looks have been trending. If you’re in the mood to get braids, but want to try something different, then try out one of these styles.

Cornrows to the side

Beyoncé is probably one of the most recent celebrities to wear this hairstyle. For this hair style, the cornrows are braided around the back of the head to the front so that they only fall over one shoulder. This helps to keep the braids out of your face. This style also has less of a cornrow appearance for those that like this style but don’t like cornrows.

Big Cornrows

These braids are cute and sleek and are good for keeping your hair out of the way. Some have attributed the popularity of braids like these to the Kardashian/Jenner family but these styles have been worn for years. These braids don’t last very long but are good if you don’t want to have to worry about doing your hair while on summer vacation

Wooden Beads

Many women have been putting wooden beads at the end of their braids. This is definitely a throwback look from the 90s. Putting beads at the ends of one’s braids give off a more ethnic feel while also looking fun and playful. This is definitely a look for those who are more bold with their style choices. For the less bold, they should try starting out with braid clasps that can be found at any beauty supply store for a dollar.

Braids along the part

It has also become increasingly common for different braid styles to have smaller braids going along the parts of the head. This can be done with goddess braids, cornrows, or any other style. These extra braids along the part make the hairstyle appear to be even more intricate.

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