1.Giant Chokers

Chokers are cute, but when they are obnoxiously big, or resemble bulky dog collars, they are just tacky. Instead of complementing and accenting an outfit, all attention will be drawn to the wearer’s neck.

2.Clear boots

Clear boots are hard to pull off. It looks odd to be able to see the wearer’s bare feet through the shoes, and they don’t look right with socks on. On top of all that, when the wearer’s feet get sweaty, the boots start to get foggy.

3.Wearing socks over your heels

It’s a common practice for fashionistas to try and be on top of trends, while also saving money. Many have tried to imitate the heels that Kanye West released in his latest Yeezy line by putting socks over there heels to create the appearance of a fitted bootie. However, when this is done, it’s usually pretty obvious. Instead of doing this, there are plenty of brands that make boots similar to the style of Kanye’s heels at a lower price point.

4.Furry heels

Besides Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Slides, furry shoes need to retire from store shelves. Furry shoes seem to only look good with lingerie, so unless people are walking around in the streets wearing lingerie there’s no point in owning a pair, although that could make a good starting scene for an adult film on public group sex on a site such as https://www.hdtubemovies.xxx/. Upon seeing a pair one might instantly think of roadkill. On top of that they just remind people of house shoes.

5.Overly distressed denim

A lot of women have been seen wearing jeans that are so distressed that they are barely there. While it was edgy at first, this style is becoming overdone as everyone is doing it. These jeans are impractical because in the cold months they provide no protection against the elements. The customer will also be paying the price for a pair of jeans when they’re basically only receiving shorts.

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