In the year 2014, one of the many blessings to the music game emerged from the Bay Area. Oakland native, Kehlani has been on a war path, knocking down any and all barriers we thought we knew in the entertainment industry. With her contagious energy and radiant personality, it’s no wonder she’s become America’s SSSweetheart.

When we were on Cloud 19 with her, Lani taught us the value of unconditional love in “As I Am” and what it’s really like to FWU. When Lani says You Should Be Here, you NEVER want to miss out. She taught us what it’s like to be Jealous, she showed us The Way, and how to always STAY BRIGHT!

With each release that Kehlani blesses us with, it seems to always come with a valuable life lesson. Direct or indirect, she is an inspiration to Tsunami Mob fans worldwide.

This year, the Oakland queen gave us triple the eargasms by releasing three songs from her upcoming triple S project, #SweetSexySavage, which is set to release January 27th, 2017.

With everything that we face in our daily lives, we could always use a little Distraction and deserve to get a little CRZY with all the success and challenges we overcome, but most importantly, with all the craziness, we can’t forget to take our own Advice.


SSS Tour Dates

Following the release of her upcoming project, Kehlani has announced that she will be taking on the US and Canada in her SweetSexySavage tour. If you pre-order her album from her webstore, US and Canadian citizens will have access to the pre-sale tickets for her upcoming tour!


If you have not heard any of Kehlani’s recent releases, say no more, Freelancer Magazine is here to rescue you from your humdrum music life and bring it the positivity and radiance it so desperately craves.








Listen NOW and don’t forget to pre-order SSS



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