This week was a combative week within the music industry, with a number of conflicts bubbling to the surface. From Nicki Minaj and her lawsuit from her ex Safaree Samuels, the Gene Simmons drama, peoples qualms about a possible  Justin Bieber breakdown, to the flurry of questions surrounding the Orlando Bloom/Katy Perry/Selena Gomez situation – the biggest battle erupted between two very unlikely sources: Azealia Banks vs Zayn Malik. Now this conflict started tame enough at first, with Banks, the British rapper, accusing Malik, most known from One Direction although now having gone solo with his own record this year, of plagiarizing her ideas in his latest music video. The video in question was his newest video released on May 2016, for his single “Like I Would”, which takes place in a Tron inspired world, including a lot of pyrotechnics and Malik sporting a single orange contact in his left eye. Banks compared this to her video for her song “Young Rapunxel”, and likewise claimed that his girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid, likewise plagiarized her character name in Taylor Swifts “Bad Blood” music video, in which she called herself Slay-Z, from her.  These allegations came before the real fireworks began, with her tweeting only two tweets of allegations at the Malik camp. It wasn’t until Malik tweeted “No lies… I see you reachin and I don’t care”, that the fight really got wild.

Though he did not directly respond to Banks, his vague tweet was all she needed to set her on a twitter tirade, unlike any seen before. From homophobic slurs, to racist remarks about Malik and even Malik’s mother, Banks was on a role; making remarks that Malik had been “1D’s pet” or that his mother was a “dirty refugee”. Though he never responded to her while the tirade was going on, Banks had all the energy she needed, firing shot after shot, to the point where both of their names were at the top of Twitters Trending Topics – her name being number one. Also, with fans of Malik tweeting at her throughout the entire situation, Banks had plenty of others to tweet at along with Malik. One such person that caught her attention was that of Skai Jackson, most notable for her work on the Disney Channel, who got dragged into an exchange with the rapper after tweeting that Banks needed to calm down. Closer to the end, Banks even got live on Periscope to say her opinions live to her followers, continuing to use both racist and homophobic comments as she addressed the situation.  All the while, Malik remained silent. Finally, towards the end of the tirade, Malik finally addressed the situation tweeting “@AZEALIABANKS why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn’t talking about you lol?” But by that point, the damage had been done.

Following Banks tirade, the rapper was uninvited from several music festivals including, and her twitter account was also disabled. Banks, known for her slew of twitter tirades, is just another example of how being outspoken in the limelight will get you attention, but at what cost.


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