Eve’s great, no matter where she goes
Dress her up from her head to her toes
On the town, at the ball
Eve loves high fashion
After dark at the club
She’ll spend the whole night dancing

Tyra sent fans into a frenzy this past weekended when she tweeted;

Social media has been vying for a Life Size 2 for as long as I can remember. Just last week fans were able to get the attention of Rihanna for a possible spy movie with Lupito Nyong’o after this picture circulated of the two at a fashion show. The 2000 Disney fantasy movie is about a young girl named Casey (Lindsey Lohan), who accidentally enchants her barbie doll Eve,(Tyra Banks) to life while trying to bring her mother back from the dead.

Tyra is set to take on the roll of her character Eve as well as being an executive producer on the film. Lately, Tyra Banks has been on a roll. As we previously wrote about, Tyra will also be turning as main judge and host of America’s Next Top Model.

1. Perfect is boring

Eve was a barbie, the embodiment of a perfect woman yet she still had her own insecurities to deal with. It was important to show that even the most ‘perfect’ barbie doesn’t always feel so perfect.

2. Respect the earth
With the threat of global warming and the extinction of many species, its no surprise that warnings about keeping the environment healthy appear in children’s films. It is everyone’s problem! Don’t litter and be sure to recycle. One person CAN make a difference.
3. BS’n at school and work


We’ve all have done “busy work” to make ourselves seem busy while the boss is looking.

4. Every girl has an appetite

Adios stereotypes! Not every model eats saltines with two sips of water a day. Every girl gots to grub!

5. F**K Gender Roles

Casey was frequently heckled in the movie for being a girl doing a guy sports. Although this movie was made 7 years ago, this topic is still very much prevalent in the lives of many women. We cant wait to see how Life Size 2 tackles gender roles.

6. Never say no to learning

Get that education! You deserve that high paying job! Eve showcased the importance of having beauty & brains!

Be a Star
The most iconic line of the movie and what its all about: BE A STAR. This movie lets you know that you can be anything in the world, no matter how impossible. Eve was once a plastic eyed, mute doll before she became a walking, talking, giddy person. If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is.

We can all help one another feel beautiful! The only competition is yourself.

Here is what we know so far about Life Size 2:
-Its target audience is young adults: In an interview, Tyra stated that Eve grew up after all these years so its only right her audience does too. According to Daily Mail UK, Tyra stated, “We did three or four versions and then finally, we were like: “You know what? Eve has grown up now. Let’s not do a kiddie movie.”
-It has a Christmas theme: Life Size 2 is set to premiere in winter 2018 during Free forms 25 days of Christmas.
-There’s no confirmation as to whether Lindsey Lohan will reprise her roll in the film.
-Producers and directors have looked at many scripts.

Be on the look out for Life Size 2 by the end of next year.

Shine Bright, Shine Far.

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