MUNA, the girl powerhouse band based out of Los Angeles first picked up momentum at SXSW in Austin Texas. So far, MUNA has released four original tracks; “So Special,” “Promise,” “Winterbreak,” and “Loudspeaker.” These four tracks set up the album that MUNA should be releasing the third of February of 2017. MUNA, consisting of Katie Gavin (lead vocals/production), Naomi McPherson (production/guitar/synths/vocals), and Josette Maskin (lead guitar/vocals), had its start in LA, but the band brought their released tracks to life from both LA and NYC. All of the pre released tracks from their upcoming album are independently created and produced. The sound of MUNA is purely independent in nature. From their four released tracks from their upcoming album About U, MUNA has a very distinct sound. With the moody main vocals from Katie Gavin, and the almost synth-pop quality, the songs have a strange sensual melody with strong beats. Overall, MUNA’s sound is very reminiscent of the ‘80s sound but with a modern mix. Funk and R&B both also come into play within the sound of MUNA. MUNA recently ended their tour as the opener for the popular band Grouplove, and their moody sound is complementary of the energetic punk atmosphere of Grouplove. Once MUNA’s first full album drops in February, it is likely that they will be climbing the charts and gaining even more popularity, as opening fro Grouplove has already opened a gateway to national recognition. This girl power band also preaches a message of equality and peace during turbulent political motions that are dividing the nation.

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