VickyT, formerly of rock/pop band Cobra Starship, has released her new single “Another Word For Paradise” today via Alternative Press. Listen to and share lyric video for “Another Word For Paradise” here.

VickyT tells Alternate Press: “This track was written this summer in the U.K. with some extremely talented people Lawrie Martin and producer duo: Knoxa. The session was effortless, just seemed to flow organically. The song grew from the retelling of an incident on the tube: a woman was trying to solve a crossword puzzle and asked out loud “what’s another word for paradise?” – with that in mind we just riffed and created this song.”

Born Victoria Asher, VickyT grew up in a highly creative environment with her father, multiple-Grammy-winning producer/manager/musician Peter Asher, and mother Wendy Worth, a respected art curator.  Half-English and half-American, growing up steeped in music, books, films and painting, Victoria has enjoyed a varied and exciting creative life thus far, defying definition and description – and she now looks to make her mark on the world with her infectious Synth Pop. As expected given her background, VickyT is a renaissance woman. She has a hand in all aspects of her work—songwriting, music production, vocals, and even directing her own music videos. The visual accompaniment is a huge part of her creative expression.

Before taking her first musical steps, she studied film at Tisch at NYU and honed her skills working with acclaimed directors like Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam.  Then, she joined Cobra Starship (singing and playing keytar), enjoying several years of successful recording, touring and directing several of the band’s videos. Moreover, she worked with director Thomas Cobb in creating the highly-lauded title sequence for Orange is the New Black and sang backup on a couple of successful records for other artists (varying from Miguel to Steve Martin & Edie Brickell) among numerous other video and musical projects.

Adding fuel to the fire of her new artist project, she has co-founded Muted Color, a new independent record label. The Muted Color Music Group’s concept was formed and spearheaded by Victoria Asher in early 2017 (who is also the roster’s very own “Vicky T”).  It is strategically and financially fostered by Tony-winning Broadway producer Una Jackman and music business legend Peter Asher.

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