Texas musician, Loners Club, releases her latest dreamy, chilled out R&B single, Jirate, which she states she wrote after an intimate night with a guy she didn’t really quite have a connection with anymore.

“I wrote “Jirate” right after bomb sex with a dude & I realized in that exact moment, during the sex, that I officially didn’t love him at all anymore. He was officially a prop. It was about being in love with how he put it down, the addiction of sex itself. It was about how, in that hour and a half, you’re entranced, in tune, & you’re having fucking fun…that’s all you have to be. Nothing else. Just “Jirate”, baby.” 

The music video, directed by AENL & Loners Club and produced by Jon Theory, takes on the dreamy tone of the song by Loners Club having a princess-ballerina themed birthday party where she is engulfed with all of the characteristics a princess would feel in her own fantasy world.

“The video is about that dreamy ass feeling & what comes out of it. Literally. Lol. Mostly an excuse to have a bounce house cause I never got one as a kid. So I went the whole nine & deadass threw myself a princess- ballerina birthday party. Cause why tf not, right?”  

Check out Loners Club’s video for Jirate, below!

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