Staff Writer, Gabriel Nwokedi, takes us into his personal accounts and shares his background on rising Nashville producer and DJ, Billy Cave. From their first meeting to Billy’s raging success throughout Tennessee, join us in this Freelancer Magazine exclusive.


“I stumbled upon the chance to get to know Billy Cave in my sophomore year of college. For a semester I lived with the man and his manager, Justice. That semester was the semester that put some hair on my chest. I watched the two work together like a left and right hand. The nights of returning home to Billy preparing for a set and Justice ironing out details on the phone will forever be engraved in my ears. My muscles still ache from carrying his equipment between locations and I still check behind my back for Randy, their (creepy) mannequin they clothed with their label’s apparel. I guess you could say I “couldn’t hang” because I moved out that same semester.

Ever since, Billy has continued to make noise in the Nashville music scene – playing a long list of shows in and around Tennessee. Billy’s success is matched by his label, Broad St., who has also had a successful year. From what I understand Broad St. is more of an aesthetic collective than a label, as they tackle many areas from music creation and creating their own clothing to performance booking and video production. Billy knows too well the importance of video production and the amount of energy needed to get it spot-on. This is why you find most artists outsource this work to production companies austin tx or similar to ensure they get a perfect video. In Billy’s case, all members of the collective are providing quality content that matches the collective’s aesthetic as well as their own.

When he is not working on improving Broad St, he is working on his own music. WIFI-FEELS is the title of his next project and is rumored to feature music at a much calmer pace than Billy’s usual tempo. If you don’t already know, Billy’s music is raw emotion. Whether the job is to perform at a rager or produce a soundtrack for a movie about meditation, he can do it. His music can take different forms for many different occasions, but it always has the ability to relate to its listeners. You can see the man behind these texts in our recap video below.”

You can also hear a bit of his music in the background, but you can find much more of it here?. You can also find the Broad St. website here to find about more about the collective.

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